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    We offer personal and career counselling, psychotherapy, character development, resume preparation, employment and job search counselling, writing, legal services, computer technical support, website design and development, website hosting, videography, photography, marketing, telephone answering, call centre services, and private yoga instruction.
    Free sample resumes. In-person and phone appointments offered days, evenings, and weekends. Interac (debit card or email transfer), Visa, MasterCard, and cash accepted, at Scarborough location. Please call for payment details regarding other locations. Our head office is located in Scarborough, within Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If something can go right, it will  ®

    We are honoured to include, as a member of our Affordable Counselling ® network, former Toronto talk-show host Alan Mayer, who won a National Radio Award for "Best Program Produced by Private Radio."
    This award was presented by ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) for "Radio Heartbeat," an internationally syndicated show that featured interviews with ordinary people who shared extraordinary secrets about the things they cherished most deeply.
    Alan's professionalism, personal qualities, and ethical standards are representative of all our counsellors. We offer a wide range of therapeutic services, including individual, relationship, couple, marriage, and family counselling.
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Affordable Counselling ®

Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

Get the inside story on techniques counsellors use to help people overcome individual and interpersonal difficulties, reduce stress, and achieve fulfilment. Fees start at  $60.00 per session, regardless of how many persons attend. Services not covered by OHIP.
Career counselling is offered by Alan Mayer. For fee information, please click here. Alan holds the highly coveted Career and Work Counsellor Diploma from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, reputed as the "Harvard" of career counselling. Alan is qualified to administer a broad range of career-related assessments and tests. He is also a certified leader of the popular True Colors ® workshop.

Please visit for further details.

Some members' fees are taxable, in which case HST or PST may apply. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Change Your Character (TM)

Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

"Change Your Character" is, as far as we know, the first counselling service in Canada dedicated to character improvement. Change Your Character takes a refreshingly responsible approach to personal development. This website deals with conduct in relationships (including intimate ones), parents' responsibilities toward children, attitudes toward ourselves and others, communication styles, and spiritual values.

This site is not only thought-provoking, but highly informative: it details specific techniques used to help those willing to take responsibility for their lives and turn negatives into positives.

Please visit for further details.


For Counselling


Kennedy / Eglinton
(Kennedy Subway)
Avenue / St. Clair
The Beaches

Certified Professional Resume Writer Visit our profile - read testimonials from clients and colleagues RESUME SERVICES
Résu-Card ®

Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)
Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

Most resumes consist of boring job descriptions. Ours don't. Visit our Résu-Card ® site to find out why.

All our documents are crafted by Certified Professional Resume Writers, accredited by the US-based, international, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (formerly Professional Association of Resume Writers).


A Site To Behold (TM)

Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

We make websites. Inexpensively. In fact, they cost so little that virtually anyone who wants one can have one. Our sites look professional, yet download quickly.

The above-linked site serves two purposes. First, it dispels several common myths about the Internet. Second, it serves as an example of our INTERMEDIATE format and links to our ECONOMY format. We also offer a third, DELUXE, format of which the present site is an example.

Many sites contain graphics, but usually they make downloading painfully slow. Click to see how we incorporate graphics without substantially increasing download time.

Some have asked whether we provide Internet connectivity: we regret that we do not provide this type of service.

We want to help you establish a presence on the web. Some developers earn their living by performing tasks their customers could very easily do themselves. Our philosophy is simple. Do what you can on your own. It's enjoyable and relatively easy. You save money and avoid becoming unnecessarily dependent. What you can't do or don't have time to do, we'll be happy to do for you.

Please click here for further details.

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EZnet Computer Tech Support  /  Web Hosting

EZnet is operated by Christian Gaarn, who has been hosting our websites and providing us with computer technical support for over 10 years. Christian is an Internet wizard and an excellent troubleshooter. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, EZnet has an extremely robust hosting platform with many features, at an affordable price. We have used several hosting services since 1998. EZnet wins hands down. It is the only hosting service we recommend. Videographic and photographic services also available. If you call Christian (via the phone number on his contact page), please mention that you were referred by Howard Halpern.



Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

A published article, "COMMERCE ON THE INTERNET," serves as a sample of our writing. Crisp, clear, and concise, the article offers tips from entrepreneurs who profited by delivering services that were at the same time informative, practical, and entertaining (full text on site).

Please visit for further details.


Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

Howard E. Halpern is a professional communications consultant who served BAY NETWORKS, MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES (producer of THE CIO SUMMIT, and THE CANADIAN NATIONAL INTERNET SHOW), CYBERMANAGEMENT, CIT INC. (leading software developer), MEDICONSULT.COM LTD., and other corporations. He has been featured on the CHUM Radio Network, coast-to-coast in Canada, and radio Talk 640 in Toronto. In addition, he successfully prosecuted six applications for trademark registration (US/Canada).

Our senior associate holds the rare distinction of being an MBA BSc PhD (psychology) with more than 30 years' successful marketing experience.

Both are passionately engaged in helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Services include web authoring, development, and maintenance; graphic design; promotional writing; market research; and professional practice development. We also provide consultation with respect to telecommunications strategies, including telephone reception and acquisition of appropriate technologies.


A Real Live Person Twenty-Four Hours Seven Days ®

Toronto • 416-503-8888

Toll Free • 1-800-633-4072

Telephone answering and call centre services are provided by AnswerPlus. Your call will be answered live, 24 hours 7 days, typically within 30 seconds. Mention that you found out about them here ( You can also reach Answer Plus via                    



Toronto • 416-398-TALK (8255)

Toll Free • 1-866-877-TALK (8255)

Yoga, according to Self magazine, is the "hottest mind/body pursuit" in America. Visit our site to find out why.


  • Increased flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, stamina.
  • Normalization of body weight, cardiovascular development, increase in energy level.
  • Overall improved functioning of organs and glands.
  • Improved concentration and calmness; ability to detach; enhanced self-esteem.


  • Awarded certificate by H.H. Swami Chidananda Saraswati, successor to late Swami Sivananda, during period of extensive travel throughout India.
  • MA in psychology.
  • Over 40 years' experience in yoga (starting in 1969).
  • Instructed yoga at such institutions as UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO and YORK UNIVERSITY.
  • Published articles dealing with yoga, including paid articles in Miss Chatelaine, (now Flare), and Score.
Please visit for further details.

Self magazine, July 1998


About Professional and Business Services

Our head office is located in Scarborough, near Kennedy subway station. Scarborough is a community within the city of Toronto — 3rd largest in US/Canada, after New York and Los Angeles.

Call 24 Hrs 7 Days:  416-398-TALK (8255) or Toll Free  1-866-877-TALK (8255)

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Let us introduce you to the president of Professional and Business Services.

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